Golf Cart - 6 Seater

Golf Cart - 6 Seater
From USD $375.00
  • Product code: PPJ1Y0

We deliver between 7-11am on your first day of rental. We pickup between 7-11am AFTER your last day of rental.

About our Carts

6-Passenger electric powered with headlights/turn signals.

Unfortunately No Golf Carts Allowed on Wild Dunes, Kiawah Island or Seabrook

The HOAs do not allow temporary renters of properties on Wild Dunes,
Kiawah or Sea brook golf carts at any of the resorts.  If you book a
golf cart for either location then we will have to cancel the rental and
refund the portion related to the golf cart.

**All other properties in the Charleston area are acceptable.**

**Golf carts are not subject to discounts**

Age 21+ to book.