Surf Boards

Surf Boards
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We deliver between 7-11am on your first day of rental. We pickup between 7-11am AFTER your last day of rental.

We have the perfect surfboards for surfing the lowcountry waves based on your skill level.

**Select the type of board you want at checkout**

Beginners: We recommend our top of the line soft top boards as they are the easiest to ride because they are stable and very buoyant. Our soft top boards range from 7ft-9ft

Advanced: We recommend our soft top boards, but depending on your progression you can begin to dabble in the hybrid range of boards which are typically 8ft fun shaped hard boards

Expert: We have whatever you need as long as you know what you want, how to ride the line, and follow proper surf etiquette. Our hard/fiberglass boards range from 6ft-9ft

We only deliver to your house, we do not deliver to public beach accesses. You will be responsible to transporting from your home to your desired surf spot